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Flexible IT Services Designed to Meet Your Needs

Planning and Design
Our extensive software engineering knowledge can get you pointed in the right direction. From database to user interface, we do it all.
Custom Development
Take advantage of our vast library of code for rapid web development. We specialize in secure coding solutions, including payment integrations.
QA and Debugging
We offer quality assurance services for both new and existing systems, and enjoy combing through systems to identify defects.
We'll lend you our ear and give you our best advice based on years of IT experience. And we'll do it in a helpful and friendly manner.

Expertise at a Reasonable Price

With 15 years of IT consulting experience under our belt, Codeo has the knowledge to take your IT project to the next level, be it from the ground-up, or from your existing platform.

At Codeo, we strive to make your IT operations as painless as possible. We'll collaborate with you to produce the results you're looking for. We take great pride in our ability to identify requirements and ensure we deliver a complete project that meets your demands.

Well-versed in cloud technologies, we build efficient and secure web applications on a budget. We excel in testing and debugging applications, where years of experience help us to poke and probe to identify defects.

Our consulting services can walk you through any number of complex technical topics. We're well-versed in complex topics like PCI compliance, cloud computing and network security. We aim to make every engagement a positive one.

Let's collaborate on something great!